About Harbor Cove Partners:

Our Process

We believe that following a clearly articulated project execution process is vital to success. Here is our fundamental baseline process:


Organizational Profile and Requirement Assessment

We hold initial search strategy and planning meetings with the hiring executives and key company stakeholders.  There, we outline the client’s organizational structure, culture and candidate requirements along with other necessary aspects of the engagement.

Position Specification

We work in close partnership with our client to craft a detailed position specification that reflects all critical aspects of communications with our client regarding the required qualifications, essential characteristics and key success factors.

Developing and Communicating Search Strategy

After confirming our understanding of the requirements for the position, we develop a detailed search strategy that we discuss and refine with the client.

Research and Identifying the Candidates

We generate a comprehensive list of initial prospects drawing from original research, our knowledge of the industry, our strategic industry relationships, current and prior search experience and our database.

Candidate Screening and Evaluation

We review prospect resumes and perform initial telephone screenings. We conduct thorough interviews and preliminary reference checks where appropriate to develop a more complete picture of the candidate and confirm past performance. If a candidate surfaces through the client’s networking efforts, we include the candidate in our process and evaluate him or her in the same manner and against the same standards as all other candidates.

Presentation of Candidates

Harbor Cove Partners prepares and produces detailed written profiles of the successful candidates.  The profiles summarize each candidate’s accomplishments, capabilities, strengths, weaknesses and personal attributes. We work with the client to schedule and organize meetings between the client and the candidates and handle all matters including travel arrangements and expense reimbursement.  Our clients can expect that the candidates have been prepared for their interviews and that we have thoroughly briefed the candidates on the position, your organization, and the backgrounds of the people with whom the candidate will be meeting.

Selection of Final Candidate

Once the client has selected a final candidate, Harbor Cove Partners conducts comprehensive reference checks.  These reference checks are the result of our detailed research and our in-depth discussions with previous superiors, subordinates and colleagues.

Assist in Negotiations of Final Offer

Harbor Cove Partners assists the client in negotiating all aspects of the offer.  We work to ensure a comfortable and positive experience during what can be a delicate and stressful stage of the engagement.

Follow-Up and Continuing Communication

We help to protect your investment of your newly hired executive by facilitating open lines of communication between your organization and the new hire.